Portraits of Students

When I am teaching, I can't help but imagine the kind of adults that my students might turn out to be. It helps me do right by them and, fingers crossed, steer them in helpful directions.

There is a flip side to that perception though; I find myself imagining what kind of children my adult friends used to be. I know so many kids - so many types of kids - that it happens without a thought. When I can escape my own frustrations, it even gives me patience for people who might otherwise be intolerable. It helps to remember that everyone I encounter was a kindergartener at one time. Who knows how they were pampered, nurtured, bullied, or scared?

More often than not, I find myself doubting that there really is such a thing as adulthood. It seems to me that the only real difference between grown-ups and kids is that children don't know that their parents and teachers are children too: Children playing house and job and civilization. Children delighting or dreading the fact that there are no parents to rein them in.

I drew these and many more portraits of my students for an art auction that I host at the end of every school year.

© 2010 rama hughes