Super-Boy and Draculad

i am blessed with a truly wonderful family. we bicker like anybody and we've had hard times. we love each other enormously though. when i was very little, my grandma told me something about her sister who lived in a different town. "wait. what? another town?" i was too young to understand how or why anyone would live so far away from her sibling. when she explained it to me, when she told me that my brother and i would live in different cities someday, i cried and cried and cried. i don't remember this memory but it must have been one of my grandma's favorites. before she passed away, she reminded me of it many times. she took special pleasure in it because my brother moved in with me after he finished college. we were living like kids. drawing all day, eating junk, playing video games, and whapping each other with plastic lightsabers.

this is a drawing of me and my brother, henry, when we were kids.

© 2005 rama hughes