in baltimore on christmas eve in nineteen ninetyeight, i called my friend mandy to the window by throwing snowballs at her apartment. she came downstairs in her little prince jacket. we drew in the snow with our feet and rode a train to a beautiful show by dave mckean. afterwards, while wandering slushy side roads, we found a snowy playground near the woods. we bounced on the seesaws, appreciated the graffiti, and wiped snow off the swings. that's when this comic took place. that's when mandy cemented herself as the most psychic person in my life. the evidence continues to mount.

i drew this for mandy's birthday. i sent it with a note that began "it would be great if artwork could always speak for itself. it does usually but the messages {in my artwork especially} are often very, very subtle because they are so very, very obvious. so, consider this a cliff's note: i remember this moment. it's precious to me."

© 2003 rama hughes