The Antidote to Boredom

boredom is one thing about childhood that i will never miss. as an adult, i have the freedom to do pretty much anything i want. on a slow day, i can go to a movie... or to mexico. even sitting in bed and listening to my heartbeat can be fun. it's relaxing.

the only time that boredom sneaks up on me these days is when i'm under the weather. being sentenced to bed for more than a day or two drives me crazy. i like tv and video games. i write letters and postcards. i enjoy reading. my legs get restless though. after a while, i feel crazy to get out. but, no, i'm not allowed. it's just like being a child.

happily, i love drawing. i have always loved drawing. it has rescued me from thousands of boring afternoons. i expect it will rescue me from thousands upon thousands more when i become elderly and am forced to be a kid again.

i drew these self-portraits for the music exchange that my friends and i have done every year for the past thirteen years.

© 2007 rama hughes