Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

i attended my first comic convention when i was in middle school. i had some vague expectation that it would be the comic book version of a theme park. like a superhero disney world. i thought spider-man and captain america would be there. i even sort of thought that there would be rides and ice creams shaped like batman. needless to say, i was let down when my dad dropped me off at a holiday inn next to the freeway. i was most disappointed to discover that drawings by the artists-of-honor were not included in the cost of admission. "who," i wondered, "would pay $60 for an artist's autograph and a calligraphic scribble of wolverine?"

the Alternative Press Expos, the San Diego Comicons, and the Wizard World Tours renewed my enthusiasm for comic book conventions. my friend, Miguel, brings a special sketchbook to these conventions. when he meets a favorite artist, he hires them to draw in it. it is basically, an enormous, beautifully illustrated collection of autographs. i didn't see the appeal when i was thirteen and broke but i do now. the book is his tiny art museum. this drawing was my contribution. i felt honor-bound not to scribble.

sketchbook trivia: like most of the drawings in my own sketchbook, this image was colored with a prang semi-moist watercolor kit. i also used a yellow hi-liter.

© 2004 rama hughes