The Disappearance

i have a favorite kind of movie. it's a genre that i call the twilight zone. it includes films like pleasantville, the truman show, stranger than fiction, and groundhog day. oh, groundhog day. i like any story that grabs a "what if" and really runs with it. what if you had to live the same day over and over again for a thousand years? what if time stopped whenever you twisted a paper clip? what if you were adrift at sea with a tiger on your life boat? what if your gender changed whenever you got wet? what if you began to slowly fade away?

claudia ross asked that question with a vignette that inspired this painting. it was my second contribution to the poketo + 826 fund-raiser for which writing students and illustrators collaborated to create artists wallets for sale at the echo park time travel mart.

© 2008 rama hughes