before we met, some of my wife's friends compared her to akiko. they thought that she would make a great cartoon character. when she told me this, i got the impression that she liked the idea at first. christine does have a talent for expressing herself in unexpected ~ sometimes hilarious ~ ways. i guess the joke went too far though. her friends were constantly saying "that would make a great cartoon. THAT would make a great cartoon" until my wife who is usually very sweet just snapped. that was the end of the joke, i guess.

several years later, we are married. christine is always saying funny things. even her serious points are sometimes phrased in silly ways. one day, it dawned on me: i could draw this! my model is in the room. it would only take a second. christine thought it was fun at first. but i guess we've turned a similar corner. she is more patient with me than she was with her friends but for every "that WOULD make a great comic!" i also get a roll of the eyes. nonetheless, she indulged this one. which illustrates the whole story, i think. even her protestation was delivered in christine's inimitable way.

© 2007 rama hughes