Time for Art!

i have two careers and i love them both: i am an illustrator and i am an art teacher. i've noticed lately that i can't stop talking about them. innocent questions like "how was your day?" spark rambling, long-winded stories about cell animation or third grade still-life drawing. a friend phoned for advice about his own art class. i spent the entire evening pacing the living room, brainstorming a curriculum with him. he eventually ended the call, "i'm sorry to keep you so long." he couldn't tell that i was beaming. i lie awake nights thinking about projects for myself and my students. this stuff rejuvenates me.

it's getting to be a little much though. even my wife and my mom - my most enthusiastic supporters - have started to get that far away look when i talk. art, art, art, art, art. the other day in reaction to an illustration award that i won, the principal at my school said "you breathe art, don't you?" don't get me started.

© 2009 rama hughes