ever since i moved to portland, i've wanted to draw a cover for the Mercury. the art director, jen, made my day, week, month, or year by using this drawing inspired by a scene from my favorite book.

when i was five, i turned on the tv and discovered the Last Unicorn. i remember it vividly. i didn't understand the story exactly but i felt like i was in love with the unicorn. after that, i flipped through the stations again and again just to see if somehow, maybe, it might come on again.

the movie is great. the book, by Peter S. Beagle, is even better. it tells the story of a unicorn's quest to discover other unicorns. during her journey, she is transformed into a woman and she falls in love with a prince. she begins to forget her true life as a unicorn. the story is sad and beautiful. excluding comics, it is the only book that i've read more than once. it gets better everytime.

by the way, find what's written above the "sea you are" in mercury. "joie de vivre, motherf***ers!" what a happy coincidence! that's my motherf***cking mantra!

© 2003 rama hughes