this is another portrait of my fantastic sister, lali. i can't help but think of it as the girl version of a self-portrait that i did a few years ago.

what makes the comparison funnier is the tattoos in both paintings. mine is pretty obvious but my sister has one too. and you can see it here... if you squint and trust that one of the freckles in the original painting is blue. the story is sort of legendary in our family. while rough housing one day, i (or my brother depending on who tells the story) accidentally stabbed my sister in the forehead with a ball-point pen. it left a permanent blue dot. lali mentions it now and then, especially when we talk about tattoos. she hates them. the tone is bitter when she talks about hers. but the bitterness might be a joke, a happy poke at her rowdy older brothers. i can never tell.

this drawing was commissioned by cicada magazine to accompany a wonderful poem called unwrapped. thanks to elizabeth f.a. meaney, a senior at rye neck high school, for writing it. i was proud to illustrate it.

© 2005 rama hughes