here are some more drawings that i did for Sparknotes. The essays, reports, and reviews that they illustrate can be found in Sparklife, a sort of study break from the main site.

I'll Hike Manhattan

i like this idea. "urban hikers" walk cities the way traditional hikers walk trails in the woods. this drawing accompanied a story about a girl who hiked the length of New York City.

Mtv Movie Awards

Mtv Movie Awards are empty calories but i'm addicted to soda-pop also. remember jack black as spider-man? this illustration accompanied a report on the 2005 awards. it was my opportunity to watch the entire carbonated spectacle and actually feel productive.

Batman Begins

when i was in middle school, i loved Batman. the entire time that i worked on this illustration for a review of the newest Batman movie, my fifteen-year-old self whispered to me. "you are my hero! you are my hero!"

On The Road

this drawing accompanied an essay about road trips, my favorite kind of vacation. my life falls into perspective when i take long drives. it feels like the world is on parade. my brother, sister, and i stowed away on this particular road trip. you can find us horsing around in the background.

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