here are some more drawings that i did for Sparknotes. the essays and articles that they illustrate can be found in Sparklife, the portion of that site that i've come to think of as the doodles and notes scribbled in the margins of your academic paperwork.

Six-Dollar Mix: The Perfect Gift

this drawing accompanied a mix of six songs ideal for a christmas gift. i modeled for this drawing because i'm that annoying guy on the bus who hums christmas music in august.

Out of this World: The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia are one of the things that first inspired me to be an illustrator. my second grade teacher read the books to our class and i would draw whatever she described. she was the one who first explained to me what an illustrator was. that people could actually get paid to draw stories, wow! that i could actually get paid to draw a story that i drew for fun in the second grade, double wow!

Boy Meets Job

illustrating a review for the Narnia movie was a pleasure but what happened next only made it better. my art director liked my story about how Narnia and my teacher inspired me to become an illustrator. so, she hired me to write and illustrate an essay about that also. you can read the story here.

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