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Limited Edition Birthday Souvenir

on my thirtieth birthday, my girlfriend surprised me with an amazing comic book that she made with the help of my friends and family. Wonder Wubba is my revenge.

"you two are disgusting," one of my coworkers said. she had never seen two people make so much for one another. "they are so creative," she continued to joke, "it makes me sick." what amazes me is that we both communicate this way. it took a lot of dating for me to learn that people show love in different ways. once i learned that, i took pleasure in noticing the differences. some people bicker. some people tear off your clothes. some people call you at four in the morning because they want to hear your voice. some people say more with a handshake than others do with a hug.

after a few years of appreciating these differences, christine really caught me off guard. she wrote me letters. she drew things for me. she was unusually candid: confident, silly, and vulnerable. she squeezed me and hugged me a lot but she didn't let me distract her from the rest of her life. more importantly, she didn't freak out when i did all these things also. (on what might qualify as our second date, i showed up at her house with a painting for her. i have scared people away with much less.) it felt like we were speaking the same language. there are references to that in this comic book. i omitted the most private pages but you can browse the others using the links under the cover.

the cover is based on a series of christine's childhood photos. when she was little, her brothers made a wonder woman costume out of construction paper. she struck dynamic poses while they fell down all around her. for her thirtieth birthday, christine's brother ricky (pictured here as a kid) had a new wonder woman costume made for her with metal wrist bands, a tiara, and everything. it was a complete coincidence.

© 2005 rama hughes