X-Mas 3: The War on Christmas

this story was drawn for kindercore's holiday comic anthology, X-Mas 3: The War on Christmas. it's based on an actual christmas eve tradition that my brother and my sister and i enjoyed throughout our high school and college years. we watched scary movies. although the monster in this comic is nosferatu, the movies that really stand out in my memory are Dead Ringers and Night of the Living Dead. my sister, lali, is especially immune to horror stories. so, my brother and i took special pleasure in finding scarier and scarier films to show her. unfortunately, her knowledge that "it's just a movie" was unflappable.

this comic though is also based on the one night that she actually was frightened. it wasn't a holiday but my sister and i were watching Doppelganger, a really bad drew barrymore picture. i wasn't feeling it either. at the split second of attack though, there was a bang at our door. lali and i went into a fit of screaming. the noise was our dad carrying out the trash. i don't know why i remember that moment so fondly. years later, i watch scary movies with the vague hope that something similar would happen: safe but startling.

© 2007 rama hughes