Everybody Trades Music

do you remember the first music that really affected you? i have fond memories of my elementary school crush singing Nobody to a room full of adults. i was so impressed.

when i was even younger, i remember listening to Moonshadow from the back seat of the family car. while the song described its hero being stripped of limbs by the moon, the actual moon stared at me through the trees. our car sped away from it but the moon seemed to chase us. it frightened me. more than that, i was overcome by the beauty of the moment. music can do that. it can reveal the beauty of horrible things. it's a hard thing to describe when you are three or four years old.

every year, soon after our taxes our due, my friends and i trade music. it's like a second christmas for me. from may through august, i find cds with gorgeous jackets in my mailbox. this year, i tried something new. along with my usual mix, i made a sampler from some of my friends' albums. so everyone could hear everyone's music. this is the cover for the sampler cd. it is also a self-portrait.

© 2005 rama hughes